Sunday, January 25, 2015

Three weeks down, one to go!

Check out Nijole's ink portraits (I love that the doodle/smudge pages are included in the very back! I'm so into seeing process alongside finished work!)

Aryn's doing a pretty fun project, involving making crafts with the miscellany she's picked up along the way with intentions of eventually making something out of it. Her post includes some description about what the bits are, and where they were found.  I'm really feeling Day 19, a bike frame made out of spokes. A thing made out of itself! 

Andy's illustrating video game bad guys (What are the odds we'd have two video-game-character-illustration-based projects this year, or that they would be so different!). Love this! Dry Bones!

Jill's been working on an archive of collected objects in a jar (a jarchive!) and sent me a sneak peak:

And Leah's been making a Valentine each day. I feel like this is the kind of project that might really get your heart in a nice mushy goodwill sort of place! 

Keep havin' fun everyday, everybody! 



Project updates, and an online course about creativity!

First, some more project updates!

Tessa's drawing and writing about things seen while walking around. Don't you wanna reach out and touch that bark?

Richard's recording a new track each day and got some loaded up to the web! Check 'em out! 

Our Toronto-based participant Christine has been making a Fun-a-Day used car lot banner and it is making my heart burst with fun-a-day joy:

And just because I am pleased with how it turned out, here's a paper Chaka Khan from my project:

And because fun-a-day interest may overlap with general interest in cultivating a daily creative practice, I'm sharing a link to a free online course out of SUNY Buffalo State, from their creativity and leadership program, called Ignite Your Everyday Creativity. Check it out!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Halfway mark! More project updates!

This year's fun-a-day participants are cranking out some really REALLY awesome stuff.

You'll get to see lots of it in person at the show, which opens Friday, February 6, 7-10pm. 

Here's some more of what these makers are making!

Al's doing an alphabet project using found graffiti as the inspiration. Here's a sneak peak (I can't wait to see it put together!):

Carrie H is doing these incredible animal portraits. Here's one she posted to the fun-a-day facebook page. Can't wait to see how this looks after it's been fired, because it's already WHOA BABE!

Raiona sent an email telling me a little bit about the collaborative process she and a group of friends are employing, though no photos yet.... the mystery deepens! 

Dez is drawing mandalas. Check out the instagram page (#funadaypgh tag).

Lisa is making envelopes with found paper each day. Check out this awesome pile o' stuff (she posted this sneak peak over on the fun-a-day facebook). I'm a sucker for the sheet music!

Seth's doing a drawing a day:
Rebecca's making hexi-puffs. Here is a really great shot of the resident knitting inspector, maybe giving reluctant approval. I didn't know what hexipuffs were until this project started!



Monday, January 12, 2015

We're a third of the way through!

Here are a few more highlights!

Kelli is knitting a temperature scarf -- one scarf-length row per day, in a color corresponding to the temperature at the time she starts knitting for the day. Here are the yarns to represent a range of temperatures:

And here's the first week's knitting:

Suzy's doing collages based on author quotes. Here's one from Jack Kerouac. 

Joe's offered us a sneak peak of his song-a-day project, with the caveat that this doesn't sound much like the rest of the work so far.

Maxx is making these lovely botanical drawings:

And Nikolai's doing some really dramatic black and white photography:

I know I'm a bit of a broken record when it comes to this, but these projects are incredible and are helping keep the January blues away! 



Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thus concludes week one!

Holy smokes, guys, we've already got a week down. The cold of winter has really and truly arrived this week, and may or may not be making some among us Very Grumpy. So it's a good thing we're all very actively Having Fun!

Here's another little sampling of what y'all have been working on.

Jasmine's been working on her self portraits for the second year in a row and has a sense of humor about them that will make you smile!

Beano's alphabet is lovely. Check out this bok choy:

Crystal's doing some super cool abstract paintings:

Jude's hand-crocheted rug (one ring a day) is starting to take shape:



Holy smokes, we're up to 80 participants!

Check out that project list, man! 80 people!

Check out that twitter page!

Check out that facebook page!

There are amazing fun-a-day projects everywhere you look!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Some Week 1 Highlights!

We're off to a rollicking start! Some great early work is coming in! Follow along! 

You can click through the links on the Project List page, and even if you're not a twitter user, you can look for stuff tagged #funadaypgh. If you are posting your progress but haven't sent me a link, please do! 

Here are a couple highlights!

@trashyleesuh's making finger puppets and just posted one (go check it out!)

Nikki's got a couple of quilt squares posted on instagram, #funadaypgh2015

Ryan's project is drawing without looking at the paper, which is pretty entertaining. 

Erin's got a few of her wishbones up:

Adrienne's got a really great set of images and words:

Anne's exorcising her demons:

Q is making tiny objects, small enough to fit into gumball machine capsules:

And as always, the Development Committee is cranking out some incredible illustrations: