Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fun-A-Day PGH!

Okay first post for this, hopefully you've been directed here because of a flyer, word of mouth, or a myspace post and you’re interested in joining in the fun. Basically a bunch of our friends in Philly participate in this yearly and it seemed like a really great idea. Starting January 1st you're supposed to pick a project and do it every day for the month. Then in mid February (Saturday the 16th precisely) there will be a show of everyone who turns in their work to me (or comes to talk about it if it's not something physical, or decides to play something etc. there are no set rules really) in the first week of February.

It doesn't have to be hard, but it should be something to motivate you to stay creative, or social, or stoked during the often bummer winter months (Come on, Pittsburgh winter anyone? We have less sunny days than Seattle). Ideas can range from something intense such as writing a song every day for a month, making a mini movie, or painting etc. Do something crafty promise to knit two rows a day for a month or make a quilt square. Write a letter, write a story, write a recipe then make a zine of your work at the end. Take a picture with a new friend everyday (one of my friends got a piggy back ride from a different person everyday one January and then made a book with all the pictures). The point is get creative and it can be as hard or easy as you'd like, the point is to stay motivated, and then get to hang out with a bunch of cool people at the end.

It would be awesome if you have an idea if you could email us at and let us know what your doing. We can then post a list of what people have in mind to inspire others who might not have ideas yet. Also, if you didn’t hear about this before January 1st feel free to start at any time, or if you miss a day here and there don’t get discouraged and stop altogether! The point is FUN.

Another good site to check out is who are the kids that got this going in Philly. This site has pictures from the past three years of shows in Philly, and will have a running list of Philly kids ideas for stuff to do.

Thanks for checking us out!
-Erin and Leanne

Also, for any questions, comments or concerns email us at or ask us if you see us out!

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