Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Peoples Ideas

Jodee-I'm going to pick a bird, animal or insect (not sure which yet) and do a drawing everyday of another part of their life from birth to death & everything in between! At the end it will be a 31 panel story of their life!

Emily- i will be going on an hour long walk everyday no matter what the weather
probably in different locales. i'm going to wear the same shoes everyday
and take a picture of them at the beginning and continue everyday until
january 30th.

Erin- I'm going to make a quilt square a day, and at the end piece it all together to have a sweet quilt. Fun-A-day will keep me warm till summer!

Leanne-i'm going to take a picture with a different person each day, then write a story/haiku about them.

Send in your ideas peeps!!!!

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jxnx said...

These ideas are so cute and fun! Please keep every one updated on your progress...