Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Erin Here

Time for a little quilt square update! So my project has morphed a little, as things tend to do when your work is opening a second store, and you remember that you are in your last semester of undergrad. But it still is managing to be fun a day. I'm making progress every day, but as my project has become an unconventional quilt project, a t-shirt quilt to be exact, making one complete square a day would not be practical or even that challenging. Instead I am doing different aspects of the project every day. Some days I cut apart t-shirts, others I square them down, and now I'm working on fusing them to the interfacing. Next I'll begin cutting out the sashing and I'll actually begin piecing everything together which should go rather quikly. Overall I'm pretty pleased and feel like I feel motivated and obligated to do some amount of work everyday. Hope everyone elses projects are going well, and no one is getting discouraged by complicated circumstances. Just keep doing something, that's the point!

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