Wednesday, December 31, 2008

more ideas!

we've been getting a lot of great responses.. here's some more project ideas from folks:

erin: write letter/send package to different family members and friends each day
leanne: send a blank self-addressed postcard to a different person each day to return back
artnoose: take a photo of a different person each day using camera's macro function
tara: working on a cookbook.. write and cook each day
lindsay: design a different piece of jewerly every day
dave: dirty icelandic postcard a day
brenda: half a minute video each day of a fictional character, complete with soundtrack
rachel: different suduko a day and then screenprint all finished puzzles onto an article of clothing
madi: create a different disguise every day
steevo: different photo a day while biking

get in touch if you haven't already and good luck in starting your projects tomorrow, january 1st!


nicklally said...

go pittsburgh!

Brochette said...

drawing a scene or character from a dream, using pen and another medium [cat hair, sriracha, etc.] each day