Friday, January 9, 2009

and more projects!

here's some more people's projects. write to us ( if you haven't gotten in touch. we'll be sending out emails/posting to this blog towards the end of the month with details about the final art show. thankyou and good luck this month!

emma: writing, recording, and performing a 12 bar blues song per day
hannah: steal a milkcrate everyday and make a fort out of them
carolyne/jessie: writing a short story/illustrations for stories
rob: physical activity/exercise every day
erok: get something at asian market under $1.69 that i've never had before and write a review of it, haiku style possibly
jen: photo image a day on a borrowed camera
bill: making a small useful object a day and then giving it as a gift to somebody
nina: buying a different person a taco everyday!
lydia: new invention everyday and drawing the prototype
brochette: drawing a scene/character from a dream using pen and another medium (cat hair, srirachi, etc)
evan: record review each day. number of days in the month = number of words in the review
q: contacting people that i don't know (but probably should) and introducing myself. then asking these people to name a pgh-related thing for me to draw. then i'm doing quick 5 inch square drawings of that thing
mothersdaughter: cooking new recipe every day

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Morgan Andrews said...

We're following your every move from over here at the other end of the state—GO PGH!

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