Monday, January 26, 2009

hammering out the details..

for anyone who didn't get the e-mail:


You're getting this e-mail because you've either expressed interest, participated in last year's Fun A Day project, or wrote us with your project idea for January 2009.

We're still in the workings of where the final art show will be held. We're sending out this e-mail to see who actually kept up with their fun a day and who would like to show their work in the art show (it'll be in late February or early March). You can show your work any way you like: if it's online you could print out your blog entry's, or bring a laptop to the show. If your project is on paper you can display it large or small. Anything else, get creative!

If you could respond back to this e-mail and say, "hey I kept up with my project and want to show my work in the art show. My project is ___________" that would be very helpful. This will give us a good idea of how many projects will be on display and what size space we'll need. Thanks for your help and participation.

Take care,
Leanne and Erin

shoot us over an email at with your response, if you haven't already. thankyou!

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