Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fun-A-Day 2010 is right around the corner!

Fun-A-Day is a month long project that occurs every January and is in its third year in Pittsburgh. The concept has been slowly spreading around the country, and was started in Philly 6 years ago. For those who have never heard of the project, or just need to be refreshed the goal is to pick a project to do every day for the month of January, that you can document in some way, to motivate you to stay creative and stoked for the coldest and biggest bummer month of the year. Then in late feb/early march we will have a big art show to document how everyone spent their months!

Last year projects ranged from hand stitching a quilt a bit everyday, to eating a new snack food a day and writing a haiku about it, making a new batch of muffins a day, writing a letter a day (in various forms), learning how to do a new origami project a day, visiting a new pittsburgh place, and so much more!

Last year pittsburgh more than doubled it's participation and I'm excited to see how many more people decide to participate this year and how creative the projects get!

Also, looking to get more involved with Fun-A-Day in PGH this year? Have ideas or think you might want to help with promotion or organizing the final show? Get in touch through email ( or the blog. Fun-a-day can be a lot of work!

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