Friday, January 1, 2010


I hope people are not too tired and worn out to get going on their projects! At any rate, here is the much belated list of projects that people are working on! If you want to be added to the list, just leave a message in the comments or drop a line to the email!

Heather- A Month, A Child, A Lifetime of Memories (photo project)
Jude-Learning a new string figure a day
Jenn-Print a Day
Lindsay-Golden Half Picture a day
Rose-Tiny pen drawing of an animal a day
Richard and Ivette- Mock fortune a day (fortune cookie style)
Lisa-collaged greeting card a day
Deanna- 8-12 hugs a day
Rob- being active for a minimum of an hour a day
Madi-Dance move a day
Lydia-Sew a softie/plushie a day
Kelley-hand stitching a cathedral window quilt patch
Jessica-Poem a day
Erin-Learning to write left handed
Q-Tea and writing a day
Abi-Crocheting a blanket square a day
Debbie-Organizing a box a day
Artnoose- Sending a postcard a day
Allison-Picture of something interesting a day
Sarah and Christopher- Photo Project at
Leanne- Review a day
Hilary- Embroidering something a day
Laura- Small drawing a day

If anyone else has a blog they wish to share, let me know.

Also, we got a shout out (and awesome promotion) from the Mod Cloth blog (an awesome online clothing shop based in PGH). Check it out!

That's it for now! Good Luck starting your projects!


Laura said...

I'll be doing a small drawing a day, posting it on
I share this blog with a friend, I'll see if she is up for the fun-a-day as well.
Laura Bonnet

rachel said...

i'm researching a different political prisoner/struggle/etc every day as part of my thesis research:

Ian said...

Making a cover/artwork for a tape a day.

Jenn said...

you can check out my print-a-day progress here: