Sunday, February 28, 2010

Belated Fun-A-Day wrap up

Sorry it took me so long to post anything on here! As soon as the Fun-a-Day show was over I went to Philly for a week to relax and have much needed catch up time with my friends out there (I also got to check out the part of their show that was still hanging up, it ruled!)

At any rate the show was a great success! We had a total of 15 final projects submitted, and probably around 80 or so people came to check out everyone's work!

Whole Foods was kind enough to donate an assortment of salsa, hummus, chips and cookies for everyone to enjoy and overall the whole show felt like a really great party and celebration of what everyone had worked on.

If you were unable to take your project with you the night of the show I have them safe and sound at my house and will be allowing a time over the weekend for people to come by and grab them. Later in the week once I have a better idea of my schedule I'll post one or two times on saturday and sunday for people to get their projects.

Once again thanks everyone for making Fun-a-Day 2010 another great success!

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