Monday, June 7, 2010

The Fate of Fun-A-Day PGH

Hey All,

So as some of you may or may not know at this point, I'm moving to Boston in mid August. While it may seem early for me to be worrying about the PGH Fun-A-Day chapter, I am. Since I didn't have a consistent partner for this year (though a bunch of awesome helpers at many integral parts of the project!!), I'm concerned about there being someone (or a group of someones) to take it over for next year.

Its not the hardest of tasks, though it does involve some flyering (both for the project, and the final show), some promotion (facebook, message boards, contacting local news outlets), coordinating (art drop offs, venue arrangements), and a few other things, though it is spread out over a few months, so its not as overwhelming as it seems typed up.

At any rate, I'm hoping to find someone soon so I can attempt to give as much advice as possible before I leave. Frankly, once I'm in Boston I'll be able to help with maybe a few questions, but I am going to be busy with school, and hopefully assisting with Boston's Fun-A-Day.

So let me know if your interested, or think you know of someone off of Facebook who would be (I'll be posting this note in other venues too). I really don't want to see this project die out just because I am leaving. It has been very rewarding over the last three years to work on it, and I think the Pittsburgh community needs it. If there ends up being more than one person interested in taking over, I'd love to hold a meeting to help coordinate people to work together!



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