Monday, January 23, 2012

Art Show February 11 at the Mr. Roboto Project

Hi all,

Details are hammered out, and we have a show for you! Fun-a-Day 2012 participants will show their work for one night only, at the Mr. Roboto Project at 5106 Penn Avenue. The opening reception (snacks! drinks! art opening style!) will be from 5pm-7pm on Saturday, February 11, 2012. Come for the art and stay for the music!

The opening reception is all-ages and free!

The show is all-ages and not free, but in fact, $6, and features

If you're doing a project and haven't sent an email to, please do! I'll send out details soon about getting your completed projects to me before the show so we can prep for hanging them.

-- Emma


lisaradgirl said...

I am so sad! I didn't know that there was going to be a Pittsburgh show. I asked about it back in December but it didn't seem like anyone knew. Crud. I didn't do a project. :(

funAdaypgh said...

Oh rats!

I really took the reins pretty late in the game this go-around, and I'm sorry you didn't get the memo in time!

But if you make sure to email, I will make sure to add you to the email list so you'll get reminders for next time. Sign your friends up too!