Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Two fun-a-day show opportunities this year!

Hi folks,

Exciting news! It looks like we will have TWO opportunities to show off our fun-a-day projects!

Cheryl made a fun-a-day facebook event as well, and is organizing a show too!

So if you are signed up via facebook, but would like to be listed here as well, send me a message!

I'll get your project listed here and keep you in the loop about the shows as we figure out some more details. For now, it looks like there will be a house show in early or mid-February, which will be a place for people to sell their work. Then the show at Roboto will be Friday, March 1.

If you're mainly interested in the house show, make sure to contact Cheryl via facebook!

And if you're mainly interested in the Roboto show, holler here.

But most importantly, keep having fun every day!!!!

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