Monday, March 10, 2014

Photos from the 2014 Fun-a-Day Opening!

Goodness gracious, you guys.

The show is beautiful, and the work is amazing, and SO MANY PEOPLE came out Friday night to see it.

Inline image 1
Erin took some photos and posted them straight to the fun-a-day facebook page, here. They're set so that anybody can see them, facebook user or not.

I took some photos too, and they're on Flickr, also set so that anybody can see them. If you'd like to download any of the photos, that's okay by me.
There are still lots of chances to see the show. You can swing by any time there's a show at Roboto (check the calendar on the Roboto Facebook page).

And don't forget that we're having a closing party on March 28, at 7pm. There'll be some performances by folks who didn't show work in the exhibition, so don't miss it!

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