Saturday, January 17, 2015

Halfway mark! More project updates!

This year's fun-a-day participants are cranking out some really REALLY awesome stuff.

You'll get to see lots of it in person at the show, which opens Friday, February 6, 7-10pm. 

Here's some more of what these makers are making!

Al's doing an alphabet project using found graffiti as the inspiration. Here's a sneak peak (I can't wait to see it put together!):

Carrie H is doing these incredible animal portraits. Here's one she posted to the fun-a-day facebook page. Can't wait to see how this looks after it's been fired, because it's already WHOA BABE!

Raiona sent an email telling me a little bit about the collaborative process she and a group of friends are employing, though no photos yet.... the mystery deepens! 

Dez is drawing mandalas. Check out the instagram page (#funadaypgh tag).

Lisa is making envelopes with found paper each day. Check out this awesome pile o' stuff (she posted this sneak peak over on the fun-a-day facebook). I'm a sucker for the sheet music!

Seth's doing a drawing a day:
Rebecca's making hexi-puffs. Here is a really great shot of the resident knitting inspector, maybe giving reluctant approval. I didn't know what hexipuffs were until this project started!



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