Sunday, January 4, 2015

Some Week 1 Highlights!

We're off to a rollicking start! Some great early work is coming in! Follow along! 

You can click through the links on the Project List page, and even if you're not a twitter user, you can look for stuff tagged #funadaypgh. If you are posting your progress but haven't sent me a link, please do! 

Here are a couple highlights!

@trashyleesuh's making finger puppets and just posted one (go check it out!)

Nikki's got a couple of quilt squares posted on instagram, #funadaypgh2015

Ryan's project is drawing without looking at the paper, which is pretty entertaining. 

Erin's got a few of her wishbones up:

Adrienne's got a really great set of images and words:

Anne's exorcising her demons:

Q is making tiny objects, small enough to fit into gumball machine capsules:

And as always, the Development Committee is cranking out some incredible illustrations:



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