Sunday, January 25, 2015

Three weeks down, one to go!

Check out Nijole's ink portraits (I love that the doodle/smudge pages are included in the very back! I'm so into seeing process alongside finished work!)

Aryn's doing a pretty fun project, involving making crafts with the miscellany she's picked up along the way with intentions of eventually making something out of it. Her post includes some description about what the bits are, and where they were found.  I'm really feeling Day 19, a bike frame made out of spokes. A thing made out of itself! 

Andy's illustrating video game bad guys (What are the odds we'd have two video-game-character-illustration-based projects this year, or that they would be so different!). Love this! Dry Bones!

Jill's been working on an archive of collected objects in a jar (a jarchive!) and sent me a sneak peak:

And Leah's been making a Valentine each day. I feel like this is the kind of project that might really get your heart in a nice mushy goodwill sort of place! 

Keep havin' fun everyday, everybody! 



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