Monday, January 12, 2015

We're a third of the way through!

Here are a few more highlights!

Kelli is knitting a temperature scarf -- one scarf-length row per day, in a color corresponding to the temperature at the time she starts knitting for the day. Here are the yarns to represent a range of temperatures:

And here's the first week's knitting:

Suzy's doing collages based on author quotes. Here's one from Jack Kerouac. 

Joe's offered us a sneak peak of his song-a-day project, with the caveat that this doesn't sound much like the rest of the work so far.

Maxx is making these lovely botanical drawings:

And Nikolai's doing some really dramatic black and white photography:

I know I'm a bit of a broken record when it comes to this, but these projects are incredible and are helping keep the January blues away! 



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