Friday, January 15, 2016

Fun-a-Day 2016, Day 15!

We're in my favorite part of the project right now: When it starts getting kind of hard, because we've used up our initial stash of ideas, and we are just winging it. Sometimes that means a day or two of totally phoning it in, and then BOOM, some wild thing comes out. This is where stuff starts getting super weird. It's great!

Super amped to see you guys for the hang sesh! Saturday (tomorrow!), 1-3, Roboto!

Now, let me show you what's happening around here!

Lisa -- a long-time fun-a-dayer with work in the retrospective show -- is doing a game-a-day project ( She's aiming to be at the fun-a-day hang sesh with a game to play, so say hi and maybe you can get in on her project!

I just realized I haven't shared my project with you guys yet! My pal Sara and I are doing a collaborative project ( We are each writing a story, prompted by a photo provided by the other person each day. It's been kind of weird and hard to learn how to drive a story forward just with a photo!

Amy's project is a photo portrait each day ( Here she bids farewell to David Bowie with a self-portrait.

Mary-Jane's doing a photo-a-day project as well, with her new Instax camera. Here's one she shared! I am really enjoying that what I get to show you is a photo of a photo.

Chin up, friends! The sun peaked out today, if ever so weakly, and there are just buckets and buckets of creativity all up in this town!

Aaaaaaaaand as always, you can follow along with other peoples' projects:


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