Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fun-a-Day 2016, Day 5!

Check out some of the majesty happening in the first week of 2016!

Mike and Jessica (http://showercurtainart.tumblr.com/) had a baby last year and their project is to make videos of all the ridiculous songs they sing to him: It's Ralph, he's a professional cute guy!

Adrienne (http://mizmuffins.tumblr.com/) is doing a drawing a day of Things I Have Been Scared Of:

Jenn is doing these gorgeous and meditative hand-stamped works:

Repeat fun-a-dayer Jono (https://www.instagram.com/jonomatusky/) is doing a drawing a day of a gift he's received. Here's a matchbox car:

Katie Dee (http://batchatter.tumblr.com/) is doing a haiku a day:

Rhiannon (https://soundcloud.com/ampersandals/sets/line-a-day-2016) is recording a song line per day. They are great and a terrible tease! I can't wait to hear a whole song! ​

And as always, you can follow along with other peoples' projects:



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