Friday, January 1, 2016

Fun-a-Day 2016, Day One!

Ok guys.

It's not even dark yet on the first day of fun-a-day and there are already some AWESOME starts out there.

Here's one last holla for the Kick Off Party tonight at Roboto, starting at 7pm! Come meet some other fun-a-dayers and see a show of previous years' projects. It's awesome.

As always, you can follow along with other peoples' projects:
But in the meantime, let me share some early wonderful stuff!

Jeff (Hey Beast) is doing a 30 minute sketch project. Look at this!

Hallie (HalLikeSal) is making designs to print or laser cut. Whoa.

​Q (Not Distance But Depth) is doing a drawing each day based on a #1 music video for each year starting in 1985 and working to the present. Day one? Miami Vice theme. How did this get to be a number one? It's instrumental!

Carrie (five lines seven days) hasn't posted a poem yet for today, but is on a roll and this beautiful one is from yesterday:

We have a big beautiful month ahead of us and you'll all make some wonderful art. I'm so excited!

You can do it!



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