Friday, January 22, 2016

Fun-a-day 2016: Three Weeks In!

We had a really great hangout on Saturday at Roboto, chatting about our projects, our processes, and coming up with ways we might display our work at the show. There is gonna be a lot of David Bowie represented in this year's show, you guys! (I am delighted by this.) Lots of sneak peaks of projects that aren't being posted online: Angela showed us how to do paper piecing for her fabric project, Lisa K showed us the bird book she's using as inspiration for daily writing, and Paulette revealed some of her daily comics. I can't wait for the rest of y'all to see 'em too!

Here's Bree's project. She's doing a quote a day on her cursive typewriter. She doesn't live in Pittsburgh anymore but still calls this fun-a-day project her homebase! <3 div="">

Anne's project remains Very Mysterious and I am extremely excited to see what unfolds here!

Crystal is doing a Tarot-based project that is also Very Mysterious and I can't wait to see more of it!

And Milo, who was initially shy about sharing his progress photos, has been doing daily prints, mostly collographs. These etched plexiglass pieces are totally blowing my mind.

As always, you can follow along with other peoples' projects:

We're close! I can taste it! Show info coming soon!



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