Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fun-a-Day 2016: Two more days to go!

Today I'm so excited to give you a sweet little update from a project I saw in the early of the month but then didn't see any updates on for a while: Look at this lovely fat stack of illustrations and writing! I love a collaborative project!  Allison's drawing headstones from the Allegheny Cemetery, and John is writing a story to go with them.

Only two more days of this project to go, and then it's SHOW TIME!

Show details are this:

Opening reception is at TechShop on Saturday, February 6, from 6pm-9pm.
The show will remain on view until midnight Saturday night, and from 9am-midnight on Sunday, February 7.
Because TechShop is a working shop, you'll need to sign in when you get to the lobby.
FB event here! Invite yr pals!

See y'all next weekend!



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